Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My learning from the MIS 587 course

Finally the semester has come to an end with our last exam and project report. Its unbelievable that 4 months swept away so quickly. But in this four months I have learnt a lot both theoretically as well as practically. I learnt a lot on the first day of class itself on how data has become such an integral part of every business. I was always confused on what exactly is Big data which got cleared completely. Every day of class I appreciated different concepts and learnt the practical use of it. The data warehousing, difference between OLTP/OLAP, ETL processing, star schema were extremely new concepts to me. The application of all these concepts on a problem (HW-1) and implementing dashboards using OBIEE and Microstrategy was truly a great learning experience. The Network analysis on twitter data was also another learning in different latitude and longitude. I plan to utilize all the knowledge and experience in the future to solve business problems using technology.